Caveonix: Keeping Hybrid Multicloud Environment Secure and Compliant

Kaus Phaltankar, CEO and Co-Founder, CaveonixKaus Phaltankar, CEO and Co-Founder
Cloud adoption is the most viable strategy for modern-day organizations to digitally transform their operations. This growing reliance on the cloud has significantly expanded attack surfaces. Furthermore, staying compliant with local, national, and international regulatory compliance requirements is critical and has become a challenge for most organizations to manage risk with traditional tools and methods.

This is where Caveonix steps in.

It automates compliance and security posture management for hybrid multicloud environments by eliminating the issue of restricted visibility into assets through a unified platform. Subsequently, it also ensures continuous monitoring, assessment, and reporting for any drift in security and compliance posture, and quantitative analysis of risks at asset and application levels, eliminating data silos and blind spots.

“We empower organizations to build secure and compliant applications. Be it containerized, traditional, or cloud-native, our heatmaps and reports ensure extensive visibility via continuous monitoring and assessment from governance, risk, and compliance perspective,” says Kaus Phaltankar CEO and Co-Founder, Caveonix.

When it comes to overall risk management, the platform understands that the biggest challenge for organizations is to undertake proactive measures before any anomaly causes significant harm.

“We address issues prior to and post runtime, continuously providing organizations with real-time visibility into their hybrid multicloud deployments,” says Kaus.

An organization needs to focus first on identifying and improving its risk posture. Caveonix Cloud maintains a clear flow of communication with all applications across the hybrid multicloud estates. It not only traces vulnerabilities in an isolated application but also all applications it communicates with, significantly reducing impact zones.
Most importantly, it continuously analyses quantitative risk per asset, groups it by applications and provides risk scores. Over a period of time, these risk scores are contextualized to get the trend data, which in turn creates heatmaps, and informs organizations about the riskiest applications.

Furthermore, the platform emphasizes asset tagging, a critical component that helps organizations track all applications and their related assets in real-time. A vital aspect that needs attention while deploying an application, asset tagging helps organizations seamlessly detect risk factors and remediate them.

For instance, Caveonix worked with a law enforcement agency, which was developing and deploying new applications using traditional data centers and cloud-native services. Additionally, they needed to be complaint with multiple regulatory requirements such as FISMA, FedRAMP, PCI HIPAA, etc. for all application deployments across the hybrid multicloud environment.

We empower organizations to build secure and compliant applications. Be it containerized, traditional, or cloud-native. Our heatmaps provide extensive visibility from a GRC perspective

Caveonix discovered that they operate in five cloud environments and two different data centers with almost 50,000 cloud assets. Unfortunately, only 30%of the assets were properly tagged, and the remaining 70% were unspecified. Therefore, it identified the minimal tags that the agency needed to implement, allowing for asset grouping by application. It then properly tagged 90% of the agency’s assets, enabling effective risk management. As a result, they identified that 20% of the assets were not needed anymore, saving the agency more than $3 million in just six months.

Instances of client success like this are a testament to Caveonix’s zeal to serve clients with utmost efficiency. Currently, the company’s unified platform supports 38+ regulatory requirements across the globe. More importantly, to utilize the platform, businesses do not need to overhaul their existing IT infrastructure; it integrates seamlessly into the customer’s IT environment.

Caveonix is the right partner for organizations that are looking to streamline their security, compliance, and governance processes and gain comprehensive visibility and accessibility into their hybrid multicloud estates, allowing you to manage risk and remediate business exposure effectively.
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Falls Church, Virginia

Kaus Phaltankar, CEO and Co-Founder

Caveonix is the provider of Caveonix Cloud, the industry’s leading platform for unified security, compliance, and governance across hybrid multi-cloud environments. The platform’s interconnected modules enable enterprises to adopt a holistic approach to risk management across the full stack of applications, platforms, and infrastructure. The platform also employs AI and Robotic Process Automation to continuously assess and automatically remediate security and compliance issues at the scale and speed required to outpace today’s threats. Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia with offices in India, Caveonix's customers range from SMB to Fortune 500s across a wide range of industries, and our partners are among the world’s leading integrators, managed service providers, and channel resellers.