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Bret Padres, CEO, CrypsisBret Padres, CEO
The presence of risk is perennial in the operation of any process in any organization. These risks come in all shapes and sizes and range from small ignorable kinds to great critical impact kind. In any project, the types of risks involved can be human error, any mechanical issue, unavailability of technology or resources, etc. However, thanks to the internet and interconnectivity of devices, cyber-threats have become significant risks affecting the performance of a project, subsequently, an organization. In the past few years, risk management of cyber-related risks has become more of a regular norm than a necessity. Even cloud services are not exempt from these threats. Also though cloud service providers look after infrastructure security, remote access is still in the hands of the client and therefore, prone to cyber-attacks. This warrants a need for a risk management solution provider which not only detects and removes threats but also prepares an organization for upcoming risks. Crypsis is one such solution provider.

Founded in 2015, Crypsis was created with a vision to provide a secure digital world for every organization to safely conduct their operation. It provides incident response, risk management, and digital forensic solutions to its clients, helping them run a smooth and secure organization. Crypsis believes in talking with its client rather than at them at the moment of crisis. This approach helps in building trust with clients and gain their confidence when a threat is mitigated. Thanks to these principles, the organization has grown nationally with offices in Washington, New York, Chicago, Austin, and Los Angeles.

To curb cybersecurity issues, Crypsis monitors and manages risks associated with cyber threats of an organization.

Crypsis believes in talking with its client rather than at them at the moment of crisis building trust with clients and gaining their confidence

It then ensures that the organization is prepared and ready for any upcoming threat and able to deal with it effectively. To achieve this outcome, Crypsis first defines security objectives. Based on the objectives, it creates a roadmap to develop controls essential to achieve them. It then gathers intelligence about the network and uses it as a base to make informed decisions about its approach to threats. Finally, it develops an actionable plan and process to manage risks with a focus on prevention or mitigation of the impact of threats.

Using the above method, Crypsis is successful in helping various companies prepare for any security threats. For example, once, it was hired by a management consulting firm to develop a plan for identifying and responding to indications of a security breach. Crypsis’ experts pulled internal information regarding people, processes, and technology. They then developed a containment and eradication plan to respond to incidents of a network breach. They then delivered an ‘incident response playbook’ to the client, which included procedures for identifying, preventing, classifying, and preserving data from any occurred incident. Crypsis was also employed by a Fortune 500 organization to test its new robust cybersecurity system. Crypsis’ experts looked for exploitable vulnerabilities in the hope of breaching the organization’s security but failed. They then launched a phishing campaign on targeted employees and found some success. In the end, they provided an assessment report to the organization detailing its vulnerabilities and steps to address them.

To increase its cybersecurity capabilities, Crypsis is now expanding its operations in New York and Austin. It accomplishes this by hiring Billy Evans Jr., a renowned expert of digital forensics and Stephen Ramey, an information security specialist. With this, Crypsis has now strengthened its presence from coast to coast, offering better risk management services than before.
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McLean, VA

Bret Padres, CEO

Founded in 2015, Crypsis is a security advisory firm which offers services on data breach response, cyber security ,risk management, digital investigations, managed security, and data analytics and intelligence. They perform security monitoring within the Intelligence Community and give advisory at national security level for effective remediation of high-profile data investigation cases involving U.S. government agencies and global security firms. Especially while delivering their risk management services, they focus on assessing and prioritizing recommendation based on the attack vectors. In addition, their elite cyber security team rapidly identifies, contains, and eradicates attacks for organizations leveraging their global response capability and innovation

Crypsis News

Crypsis Appoints Leading Cyber Crime Investigator as Vice President

MCLEAN, Va: The Crypsis Group, which specializes in delivering cyber security incident response, risk management, and digital forensics services to companies and organizations of all sizes, announced it has appointed Art Ehuan, a seasoned cyber security practitioner with a criminal investigations background, to join its senior management team as vice president.

Ehuan has widespread experience working with law enforcement officers in the U.S. and overseas on computer crime cases and has been on the front lines of developing and implementing cyber security investigative practices and law enforcement techniques. He has frequently given expert testimony in federal, military, and state courts on digital forensics and cyber crime matters. For the past 17 years he has served as a lecturer for the U.S. State Department’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance Cyber Training Program and has conducted seminars for senior foreign government and law enforcement officials on cyber crime and terrorism.

Since 2012, Ehuan was managing director of the Global Cyber Risk Services practice at the management consulting firm Alverez & Marsal, where he led the firm’s client engagements on strategic cyber risk and protection strategies for both U.S. and international customers. He joined A&M when it bought Forward Discovery Inc, a firm he co-owned that specialized in strategic cyber threat mitigation, incident response, and digital investigations.

Previously he was an assistant vice president at the financial services company USAA, where, as director of the corporate information security department, he established the company’s digital forensic capability and developed advanced data security and incident reporting to identify, analyze, and mitigate cyber and regulatory risk. Prior to that, he led worldwide security for Northrop Grumman’s Corporate Assessment and Protection Department, where he was responsible for computer forensics, vulnerability assessment, and security architecture.

While at USAA and Northrup Grumman, Ehuan also served as a reservist special agent for the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations, where he conducted criminal, terrorism, and counter-intelligence cyber investigations in cases affecting Air Force and Defense Department systems. His law enforcement experience includes nine years as a supervisory special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where he was responsible for managing cyber crime investigations impacting U.S. government and corporate systems, as well as helping formulate the policies and processes that regulate how the FBI conducts computer crime investigations.

Ehuan has also worked in information security positions at KPMG and Cisco Systems.

“Our efforts to build the world’s most experienced and accomplished cyber security and cyber risk management consulting team have evolved significantly with the hiring of Art Ehuan, who is widely recognized as a leading global expert on responding to ever-present and evolving digital threats,” said Crypsis CEO Bret Padres. “For nearly three decades he has been an influential player in the development of modern digital investigations and law enforcement practices and has helped a broad range of enterprises and organizations keep their most sensitive data out of the hands of cyber criminals.”

The Crypsis Group Announces Suite of Managed Security Services

MCLEAN, Va: The Crypsis Group, a leading incident response, risk management and digital forensics firm, announced a new suite of managed security services to help organizations simplify their security operations, make better use of financial and staffing resources, optimize cloud security functions and wade through security solution complexity.

Managed security services enable organizations to improve their overall security posture while decreasing their security management burden. The new offering is supported by a partnership with Delta Risk, which will seamlessly provide security operations center (SOC) personnel and Delta Risk’s cloud native ActiveEyeSM platform to Crypsis Managed Security Services customers.

New services within the managed security suite include:

• Security Operations Center (SOC) Services: Provide organizations a complete, 24x7 “SOC-as-a-Service” outsourced security function to include the people, process, operations and technology required to protect, detect and respond to cybersecurity threats.

• Endpoint Detection and Response: Provides advanced protection and monitoring for employee workstations, servers and remote devices to proactively block new endpoint malware and advanced threats.

• Network Security: Monitors security events in the customer network environment to identify anomalies or suspicious behavior in administration, access and configuration.

• Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Security: Continuously monitors administration, access and resource usage in public SaaS applications, including Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, Okta and more to identify unauthorized or malicious behavior.

• Cloud Infrastructure Security: Continuously monitors administration, configuration, access controls, resource usage and network flows in public cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

“Enterprise environments are increasingly complex and difficult to secure, with the myriad of environments, security solutions and endpoints in the mix,” said Sam Rubin, vice president, The Crypsis Group. “Many companies lack security professionals with specialized experience or prefer to allocate their staff on other business-critical tasks. We are pleased to offer our expert services to help take the management burden off the enterprise.”

“We’re excited to partner with The Crypsis Group,” said Jason Peoples, director of partnerships, Delta Risk. “Their proven expertise in incident response and cyber-risk management, combined with the 24x7 SOC capabilities through our cloud native ActiveEye platform, offer a compelling solution set for Crypsis customers.”