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Sami A. Bin Ghadir, RAFM GM, STC & MobileumSami A. Bin Ghadir, RAFM GM “In the wake of increasing scams and fraudulent activities, Saudi Telecom Company (stc) reminds its customers to beware of unsolicited suspicious calls,” reports Saudi Gazette. A recent instance where stc warned its customers to avoid logging on to their banks online via public Wi-Fi hotspots as a precautionary action reveals that today’s telecom landscape is very much plagued by fraudulent behavior. The industry as a whole is falling prey to several types of fraud, including roaming fraud, bypass fraud, IRSF fraud, high usage fraud, and subscription fraud, to name a few. A general scenario is where customers would receive calls—be it local or international—saying that they are eligible for a prize. Criminals then demand suspects either to transfer money to a certain account, send a rechargeable card, or reveal sensitive and personal information such as PINs or the bank account number, which would lead the way to money loss for customers and dishonor operators’ reputation.

With the increasing incidence of such attacks that choke telecom operators, stc, theleading provider of telecommunication services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, decided to adopt an innovative approach to tackle these incidents. “We tirelessly work to align with the market requirements, keep pace with emerging technologies, and satisfy our customers’ needs,” says Sami Bin Ghadir, RAFM GM,stc. He adds, “Being a pioneer in incorporating revolutionary technologies to transform our business as well as enhance customer experience, we were looking for the right solution to support achieving our vision.” stchas chosen Mobileum as the suitable vendor who possessed a well-differentiated ability to detect and minimize unconventional fraud techniques.

With longstanding industry experience and technical expertise, we provided stc with cutting-edge solutions for tackling fraud and security issues

“With longstanding industry experience and technical expertise, we provided stc with cutting-edge solutions for tackling fraud and security issues,” says the spokesperson from Mobileum.

Securing Even the Last Mile

Mobileum offers an integrated fraud management and security solution over different signaling interfaces, which is suitable for stc’s needs. Their approach is to provide a solution which is proactive in detecting and eliminating the new era fraud and security challenges.

With implementing this approach, stc moved from conventional fraud systems—that manually ingest data from various sources within the network for fraud detection—to an automated technology. By leveraging highly tuned and advanced machine learning and AI capabilities, Mobileum offered proactive, predictive fraud detection by accessing networks’ signaling interfaces. “Our multi-protocol Signaling Firewall is based on proven technology that not only provides complete protection across the full range of signaling threats identified by the GSMA but also goes beyond their recommendations,” says the spokesperson from Mobileum.

Furthermore, having an integrated action system eliminated the need for going through several complicated processes before it can react to an alert or reported incident. stc is now able to take real-time actions such as call blocking, subscriber deregistering, or blocking international roaming. This helped reduce fraud losses and dependency on network teams, while also enhancing stc’s operational efficiency and increasing the overall customer experience.

Together on the Path of Innovation

STC was one among the first operators in the Middle East region to commercially launch LTE/VoLTE and 5G services.
Hence, it was inevitable for them to collaborate with a company that possesses higher competence in handling both fraud and security issues even with more advanced technologies.

STC believes that innovation can’t take place in a vacuum. Having a culture in its corporate DNA that strives to innovate, stc collaborated with Mobileum as they provided a highly innovative and accurate solution to tackle fraud and security challenges for stc’s new services.

The comprehensive and customer-centric approach between Mobileum and stc will add value for both companies in their fight against new fraud and security challenges which accompany LTE/ VoLTE and 5G services. Although these technologies offered more reliable and faster services, they increased data volumes and, subsequently, fraudulent activities.

By deploying a strong and dedicated team that supports both product and services, Mobileum was able to achieve an edge over the competition and strive for continuous innovation to tackle upcoming challenges. “We have a strong process in place to ensure the right balance between products and services without compromising either,” adds the spokesperson from Mobileum. This assists Mobileum with reaching out to all operators who are actively upgrading their network to 4G and 5G system and at the same time, looking to secure their network and subscribers from fraud and security attacks.

Heading for an Innovative Disruption

Recognized as a global leader in revenue assurance and fraud management with world-class software that enables network operators to improve their overall business efficiency, Mobileum caters to more than 700 clients across 180 countries. Additionally, being an active member of GSMA and CFCA, Mobileum is actively involved in developing and evaluating new standards and processes for the telecom industry. “We believe that we can make a positive disruption in the telecom space, especially in the fraud management and security segment by our first-of-its-kind integrated solutions and customer-first approach,” concludes the spokesperson from Mobileum.
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