SmartErgo: Leveraging the Science of Ergonomics in the Computerized Workplace

Marc Frega, CEO, SmartErgoMarc Frega, CEO
Risk managers continue seeing healthcare costs rising relentlessly, compelling innovative efforts in containment strategies. One significant healthcare overutilization management strategy addresses the well-established correlation of unnecessary healthcare overutilization and poor office ergonomics. Computer-related injuries today account for up to 95 percent of office environment injuries. Among the elements aggravating the problem, prolonged sitting leads to serious health problems while prolonged standing causes deleterious physiological issues. Also, with the expansion of telecommuter populations, workforces using non-ergonomic remote work areas have increased significantly.

“While most C-level leaders are aware of office ergonomics; many are unaware of the depth and experience behind the underlying science which also highly values the ‘economics’ of office ergonomics,” says Marc Frega, CEO, SmartErgo. Through continuous improvement of their programs, organizations can achieve significant returns in human capital wellness and optimization beyond meeting regulatory requirements. Moreover, office ergonomics plays a crucial role in employee productivity, attendance, satisfaction, and of course, injury claims.

Responding to formidable challenges employers face in office ergonomics, SmartErgo brings to the table a sustainable, scalable solution with a track record of improving ergonomic behaviors. The firm’s “ErgoSuite Enterprise” solution provides employers with a cost-effective centralized platform which automatically accumulates and analyzes nearly 400 ergonomic risk metrics of the workforce. Risk managers regularly harvest palpable benefits from the highly-customizable platform, which enhances risk visibility within the organization.

Companies have found the bare minimum commitment of providing essential training along with adjustable equipment and furniture is important, yet doesn’t fully achieve objectives by itself.

What keeps SmartErgo ahead of the competition is our passion for empowering and helping people

SmartErgo’s solutions become extremely helpful in such cases, helping employers assess their employee health strategies for computer users, thereby helping to identify opportunities for cost-savings. Employers can identify the links between office ergonomics, poor health, musculoskeletal disorders, healthcare over-utilization, and reasons for impaired productivity.

The solution incorporates unique tools which gently coach employees and improve overall employee ergonomic behaviors.

For instance, primary computer-user behaviors of working in neutral postures, ensuring recovery time, moving, and stretching are central to containing and reversing unnecessary healthcare overutilization. Employees are behaviorally trained to improve the ergonomics of their office and home workstations continuously. “Some of the world’s largest and most successful companies have been leveraging our proprietary platform for years to automatically gather and analyze critical metrics, gently and effectively coach employees and improve overall employee ergonomic behaviors,” adds Frega. Yesterday’s practice provided a training course and told employees to work in ergonomically appropriate behaviors such as pacing and neutral postures. Employees were then optimistically left to their poor behaviors, often self-developed and reinforced over many years.
Today, SmartErgo delivers the science of Applied Behavioral Analysis, which understands that people cannot adopt new long-term behaviors just from taking an awareness training course. For that reason, SmartErgo employs gentle coaching and positive reinforcement of employee behaviors with the help of simple point-of-use tools that offer behavioral training.

“What keeps SmartErgo ahead of the competition is our partnership with clients and our passion for empowering and helping people,” states Frega. “By bringing the best innovative risk management solutions to market, SmartErgo promotes and delivers positive ways for people to use their office resources while working.”
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Marc Frega, CEO

SmartErgo delivers office ergonomics software solutions. The company’s widely-used platformisa low-cost high-impact step of continuous improvement enabling employers to eliminate wasteful unnecessary healthcare over-utilization due to poor ergonomic behaviors, unnecessary discomfort and eventual unnecessary injuries. The firm’s ErgoSuite solution provides employers with a cost-effective and centralized platform which automatically accumulates and analyzes behavioral metrics of the workforce