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Top 10 Risk Management Services Companies - 2019

The first step in solving a problem is realizing that there is one. Similarly, the first step for any organization before starting (or even running) any project is to identify the risks associated with it. Organizations needs to predict risks that may occur during a project's runtime and try finding ways to either prevent them or reduce their impact. Even after all the measures are taken, there is no guarantee that more risks or mistakes wouldn't emerge and that those issues could be dealt with immediately. Thus, risk management becomes a priority even before the start of a project or even a company for that matter.

It is a no brainer that risk management is a prominent safety net for enterprise of all shapes and sizes. In context to security assurance, risk management continue to evolve with the evolving threat landscape. The notion is no more a siloed one, the lines between the supposed various “types” of risk management continues to blur. The need of the hour is a holistic approach leveraging the services and solutions of multi-pronged providers. Perhaps no other enterprise-tech vertical demands such close collaboration between companies and the respective solution or service providers. And it goes without saying that CISOs should be aware of emerging cybersecurity trends and their potential impact to create a well-prepared and resilient organization.

As far as the trends go, SRM entities are being more proactive in mapping their clients’ business outcomes to risk management measures. There is a greater emphasis by SOCs to focus more on threat detection and response. Data security governance frameworks are being utilized to prioritize data security investments. Advancements in biometrics and powerful hardware-based authentication methods has led to passwordless authentication achieving market traction. Security vendors are recognizing the importance of offering premium services to help clients attain immediate value and to assist in skills training. Cloud security competencies continues to be the top priorities for all leading organizations. And lastly, the idea of continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment (CARTA) is establishing its place in traditional security markets.

Since a large number of factors such as human error,  machine, or environmental errors constitute as risk, it becomes nigh impossible for companies to identify them all. Some organizations may even fail to recognize critical risks before their emergence. That is why it becomes necessary to have proper standards and regulations for risk management

As such, coming up with this edition has been a ride into the world of risk management service providers, insights from experts in the field, and the events that gradually influencing the space. This edition is aimed at injecting readers with insights from industry leaders and key disruptors to bring out a comprehensive picture of the risk management solutions and services arena and the recent developments in this field.

On that note, Enterprise Security Magazine presents the top 10 Risk Management Service Providers who are capable of helping their clients in not only to detecting risks but also preventing them effectively.

    Top Risk Management consulting companies

  • Founded in 2015, Crypsis is a security advisory firm which offers services on data breach response, cyber security ,risk management, digital investigations, managed security, and data analytics and intelligence. They perform security monitoring within the Intelligence Community and give advisory at national security level for effective remediation of high-profile data investigation cases involving U.S. government agencies and global security firms. Especially while delivering their risk management services, they focus on assessing and prioritizing recommendation based on the attack vectors. In addition, their elite cyber security team rapidly identifies, contains, and eradicates attacks for organizations leveraging their global response capability and innovation

  • enableIT is a risk advisory that makes clients resilient against cyber threats, financial risk and digital disruption. It was founded by Fabrice Mouret and Sammy Chowdhury in 2010.The distinctive feature about enableIT is that it provides a holistic platform for managing almost all the major risks of organizations. Its financial risk practice provides security in four core areas: Credit Risk, Market Risk, Liquidity Risk and Regulations. Apart from its financial risk management sector, it owns a daughter company -Prescient Security which deals with cyber security concerns of enterprises by offering excellent penetration testing, and security assessment services. In addition to providing the aforesaid services, enableIT's platform pioneers digital innovation for enterprises. In essence, enableIT's services guarantee total security to organizations

  • Furtim, a Los-Angeles based firm is an unique MSSP whose Smart Attack Orchestration platform never compromises on quality by leveraging AI and machine learning in its security testing. It offers the services of white glove security assessment, red teaming ,and penetration testing. In addition, they assess the overall security posture of organizations by assessing them through accurate technical and executive reports. Focusing on their core values of punctuality, cost-efficiency, and quality ,while delivering their services ,they have served a multitude range of clients extending from Fortune 5 organizations to prominent start-ups

  • G4S


    Being a provider of out-of-the-box and integrated strategies for risk mitigation, G4S undertakes a risk-based, data-driven approach and brings to the table its proprietary security risk management software tools to help clients build a continuous risk management strategy. Its suite of products and services consist of four key constituents—risk consulting, software and technology, systems integration, and experienced and seasoned security-officer base. Working in the security space for years, the company understands that every client’s need and business model is different. So, instead of just offering a one-size-fits-all model, G4S tailors its solutions to address all their different demands

  • Supply Wisdom, a NeoGroup company, assists global enterprises in reducing business disruption risks by providing real-time and continuous in-depth risk intelligence, risk monitoring, risk assessments, and risk scorecards. Their comprehensive multi-category risk monitoring solution provides third-party risk intelligence, reputation risk intelligence, cyber security risk intelligence, and location risk intelligence. While assessing and quantifying risks, their real-time and early warning service helps their clients take pro-active and rapid action to mitigate the negative impact risk events have on organizations’s operations, reputation, and compliance. Supply Wisdom’s unmatched risk coverage is trusted by Fortune 1000 Risk & Sourcing Leaders

  • Grant Thornton

    Grant Thornton

    Grant Thornton—the U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd.—provides four different services, including advisory, audit, tax, and integrated as well as has become a trusted name across several industry verticals, such as banking, hospitality, insurance, retail, and real estate. With its seasoned advisory services professionals, Grant Thornton helps clients thrive by enhancing their capability of predicting, protecting, managing, and responding to risk. Its business risk services are based on three core pillars—risk advisory, forensic advisory, and attest services

  • IT Availability

    IT Availability

    Led by former senior technology executives from the U.S. Intelligence Community, IT Availability is an IT services and consulting firm that holds the track record of boosting business strategies of organizations by developing new technologies and business and delivering innovative solutions. They facilitate changes for organizations by industry-best customised services such as cyber risk solutions, enterprise risk solutions, acquisition strategy development, change development, and communications. Owing to their commitment to ensure integrity and trust in their services, they have gathered a large number of clients including U.S. federal agencies, the U.S. Intelligence Community , hedge funds , private equity and corporations

  • Securance Consulting

    Securance Consulting

    Established 17 years ago, Securance Consulting is an IT professional services firm based in Florida. They have helped many public and private sector top clients in assessing risks, achieving compliance, and optimizing technology and IT processes to achieve business goals. Juggling the demands for flexibility and innovation with the need for security, they offer a comprehensive array of services such as Cyber Security As a Service (CSaaS), IT general control review, IT risk assessments Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning ,Virtual CISO, and many more

  • Security Innovation

    Security Innovation

    Security Innovation secures software from every angle :by delivering services of software penetration, application security consulting and infrastructure security consulting and offering security training courses .Their approach is unique–their expert security team pragmatically works towards maintaining the software security continuum, from developers to the C-suite. Global technology vendors such as Microsoft, IBM, FedEx, ING, Symantec, and GE rely on their expertise to identify and remediate the security risks in their software systems . By applying their unrivaled proficiency in technical analysis, along with sound knowledge of business processes, they narrow boundaries between mending application security holes and risk management optimization

  • Strategic Security Consulting

    Strategic Security Consulting

    Being an information security consulting services provider for identity and access management, governance, risk, compliance, and SAP security S3 employs industry-recognized experts and brings to the table custom-built strategic services. Leveraging its years of experience in the enterprise security space, S3 well understands the critical needs behind a successful identity access management (IAM) program and takes an approach based on five key pillars—IAM Baseline & Strategy Roadmap, IAM Solution Design, IAM Technology Build & Configuration services, IAM Deployment, Measurement, and Governance, and finally, IAM Operate, Support, & Evolve model