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Top 10 Risk Management Solution Companies - 2019

The first step in solving a problem is realizing that there is one. Similarly, the first step for any organization before starting (or even running) any project is to identify the risks associated with it. Organizations needs to predict risks that may occur during a project's runtime and try finding ways to either prevent them or reduce their impact. Even after all the measures are taken, there is no guarantee that more risks or mistakes wouldn't emerge and that those issues could be dealt with immediately. Thus, risk management becomes a priority even before the start of a project or even a company for that matter.

It is a no brainer that risk management is a prominent safety net for enterprise of all shapes and sizes. In context to security assurance, risk management continue to evolve with the evolving threat landscape. The notion is no more a siloed one, the lines between the supposed various “types” of risk management continues to blur. The need of the hour is a holistic approach leveraging the services and solutions of multi-pronged providers. Perhaps no other enterprise-tech vertical demands such close collaboration between companies and the respective solution or service providers. And it goes without saying that CISOs should be aware of emerging cybersecurity trends and their potential impact to create a well-prepared and resilient organization.

As far as the trends go, SRM entities are being more proactive in mapping their clients’ business outcomes to risk management measures. There is a greater emphasis by SOCs to focus more on threat detection and response. Data security governance frameworks are being utilized to prioritize data security investments. Advancements in biometrics and powerful hardware-based authentication methods has led to passwordless authentication achieving market traction. Security vendors are recognizing the importance of offering premium services to help clients attain immediate value and to assist in skills training. Cloud security competencies continues to be the top priorities for all leading organizations. And lastly, the idea of continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment (CARTA) is establishing its place in traditional security markets.

Since a large number of factors such as human error, machine, or environmental errors constitute as risk, it becomes nigh impossible for companies to identify them all. Some organizations may even fail to recognize critical risks before their emergence. That is why it becomes necessary to have proper standards and regulations for risk management.

Nowadays, artificial intelligence and data analytics are combined to help organizations detect, predict, and prevent risks with the help of smart machines. Internet of Things (IoT) is implemented allowing organizations to identify risks and take immediate actions to mitigate them, resulting in pervasive, real-time risk management. Deep learning and predictive analysis enable organizations to not only predict the emergence of risks but also contain and reduce their impact on the operation. In other words, risk management's path to the future is shining brighter than ever.

The solutions are aplenty, but identifying the best fit one from the lot is the need of the hour.

On that note, we at Enterprise Security Magazine present the Top 10 risk management solution providers who are capable of helping their clients in not only to detecting risks but also preventing them effectively.

    Top Risk Management Solution Companies

  • APiS North America's mission is to revolutionize how the clients leverage FMEAs within their risk management & functional safety efforts to improve their products and processes through their offering of innovative, high-quality software products, expert training & consulting, and impeccable attention to customer service. The company has a broad client base in traditional automotive, aerospace,, electronics, electric and autonomous vehicle, alternative energy, lithium ion battery, medical device, healthcare industries. Clients collaborate with the company to make sure that the entirety of their FMEA process is in compliance with the industry requirements and also to adequately provide information back to both the OEM companies and end-customers


  • ComplianceForge has a core focus and expertise in professionally-written cybersecurity and privacy documentation. The firm helps businesses get and stay compliant by delivering innovative, best-in-class cybersecurity and privacy compliance documentation. The firm’s innovative solutions enable clients to reroute from hiring consultants for in-house documentation. In a bid to transpire this, ComplianceForge published the Hierarchical Cybersecurity Governance Framework (HCGF), the industry-best structure for cybersecurity documentation. ComplianceForge has close working relationship with the Secure Controls Framework (SCF), which fits into the firm’s HCGF model by providing necessary cybersecurity and privacy controls organizations’ need to implement to stay secure and compliant


  • CybelAngel, a prime digital risk management company, guarantees maximum data security through its SaaS platform, which monitors data leaks and enables effective remediation. By leveraging AI and ML, it scans over 2 billion documents every day for data leakage. What makes CybelAngel’s data scanning technology unique is that it detects data leaks in every layer of the internet, be it surface web or dark web. It even scans the highly restricted content of the dark web by using a crawling system. Besides, the platform specializes in investigating fake sites that are involved in phishing activities


  • SmartErgo delivers office ergonomics software solutions. The company’s widely-used platformisa low-cost high-impact step of continuous improvement enabling employers to eliminate wasteful unnecessary healthcare over-utilization due to poor ergonomic behaviors, unnecessary discomfort and eventual unnecessary injuries. The firm’s ErgoSuite solution provides employers with a cost-effective and centralized platform which automatically accumulates and analyzes behavioral metrics of the workforce


  • The Company has a rich and exhaustive portfolio of advanced analytics products and professionally consultative managed services that allow enterprises to gain an edge over the fight against fraud and security issues


  • Fusion Risk Management

    Fusion Risk Management

    Empowers enterprises by providing a fusion of consulting servicesand software solutions, which includes their award winning software called Fusion Framework. Fusion empowers enterprises by providing a fusion of consulting services and software solutions.They have an award winning software called Fusion Framework.The Fusion Framework is the core of their risk and continuity program. They boost enterprises in digital transformation by breaking down silos, automating processes, and gaining impactful insights from an integrated platform . They also look after the enterprises' risk management, business continuity management, IT disaster recovery management, crisis and incident management, and third-party management

  • CubeLogic


    CubeLogic provides unique BI-enabled enterprise risk management solution to organizations in the energy, commodities, and financial services verticals. Founded by industry veterans in the year 2009, the company with its RiskCubed platform helps clients reduce and manage risks and help in making informed trading decisions in the process. Apart from the risk management capabilities, the company also focuses on keeping the clients first and provide the best customer experience. The platform is directed toward managing credit, treasury, liquidity, and market risks via an intuitive dashboard, offering on the fly risk analysis, deployable both on the cloud and on premise

  • Cyberrisk Solutions

    Cyberrisk Solutions

    Optimizes cyber security posture by strategic security counseling and governance along with security operations' expertise. Cyberrisk Solutions optimizes cyber security posture by combining strategic security advisement, security governance and management and security operations expertise. Their unique approach to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) includes starting with a foundational security strategy and leveraging their deep industry specific experience to enable critical business processes. They provide ERM, strategic consulting, project outsourcing, staffing and managed solutions to enterprises. They develop the right customer-specific security solutions tailored to the unique requirements of clients

  • Cybersaint Security

    Cybersaint Security

    CyberSaint offers effective risk management and cybersecurity solutions in an actionable manner. It empowers organizations to adopt powerful technology that enables measurement, enhances communication, and improve cybersecurity resiliency. The scalable SaaS platform CyberStrong provides credible risk quantification, threat type classification, risk visibility, along with threat intelligence and data aggregation across organizations. Its proprietary AI and ML technology helps enhance the cyber program and eliminates all manual operations. The platform proactively implements continuous management in a flexible, scalable, and agile manner, while automating compliance to ensure security across organizations. Overall, CyberStrong provides customer control sets and minimizes unforeseen risks in the supply chain of clients

  • IOR Analytics

    IOR Analytics

    Accelerates data intelligence by allowing transparency of how business processes uses data, interacts with systems and communicates with third party vendors. Being the industry leader, IOR Analytics uses DLP response automation and automated data mapping to help enterprises to scale data protection. IOR Analytics accelerates data intelligence of enterprises by allowing transparency of how business processes uses data, interacts with systems and communicates with third party vendors. They have a powerful and patented platform called IOR Atlas which allows data visibility to clients by integrating business processes, data usage, and actionable risk intelligence. They focus on data protection of organizations by analyzing the data flow through their simplified survey approach