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Top 10 Risk Management Solutions Companies - 2022

The discipline of enterprise risk management (ERM) is not new. However, its profile has continued to evolve in recent years as organizations need to overcome the ongoing challenges of today's constantly shifting business environment.

Increased regulations, remote work, and multiple restrictions have made ERM issues much more important, moving them from the periphery to the core. Now both employees and supervisors should put in an endless effort to make sure that business processes are effective. Across the board, there is now a deeper understanding of issues like cyber risk management and the importance of adhering to data security standards, for example.

Today, the most important trend is the strategic move toward risk maturity frameworks. This is where businesses move from ad hoc risk management processes and systems to embedding risk management capabilities throughout the entire risk lifecycle and in business-as-usual processes.

In order to proactively manage their risks and boost productivity, organizations are seeking to adopt a more integrated approach to risk management across the board. Companies are also attempting to alter how risk is perceived throughout the company. Technological changes are being made with the aim of becoming more innovative, efficient, and agile. A sophisticated and nuanced approach to identifying, assessing, and managing risks is absolutely necessary for today's day and age.

A move towards SaaS models, where end users put in place systems and processes to ensure their company's policies are implemented is trending. Risk and compliance teams can give assistance and advice as needed and review the final policy implementation. In addition, they can supply training, education, and certification skills so that the workforce can fulfill the essential requirements without incurring a major cost increase. These capabilities enable the seamless integration of ERM and other GRC operations into broader corporate processes.

In this edition, we aim to provide readers insights into the current enterprise risk management (ERM) arena and the recent developments in this field.

    Top Risk Management Solutions Companies

  • Caveonix is the provider of Caveonix Cloud, the industry’s leading platform for unified security, compliance, and governance across hybrid multi-cloud environments. The platform’s interconnected modules enable enterprises to adopt a holistic approach to risk management across the full stack of applications, platforms, and infrastructure. The platform also employs AI and Robotic Process Automation to continuously assess and automatically remediate security and compliance issues at the scale and speed required to outpace today’s threats. Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia with offices in India, Caveonix's customers range from SMB to Fortune 500s across a wide range of industries, and our partners are among the world’s leading integrators, managed service providers, and channel resellers.

  • Cortex Xpanse provides a complete, accurate, and continuously updated inventory of all global internet-facing assets. This allows firms to discover, evaluate and mitigate cyberattack surface risks. Clients can also evaluate supplier risk and assess the security of acquired companies

  • HITRUST offers programs to safeguard sensitive information and manage information risk. In collaboration with privacy, information security and risk management leaders, the company develops and maintains widely-adopted common risk and compliance management frameworks, related assessment, and assurance methodologies

  • Tentacle is a SaaS information security platform located in Plano, TX. The company has developed a configurable data management tool that helps organizations to improve their information security programs and overall security posture. The core Tentacle product allows enterprises of all sizes to manage critical details related to their internal security posture, track and monitor similar information for their partners and vendors, centralize the storage and management of program-related documentation, increase overall connectivity with key partners, establish multiple internal projects for tracking independent security requirements, and continually benchmark critical activities against today’s top industry frameworks governing the information security space

  • Advanced Data Risk Management

    Advanced Data Risk Management

    Advanced Data Risk Management protects organization's critical assets with data-driven risk assessment and management solutions. The company also offer security system design / design-build, command center design emergency response planning, managed security services

  • Allgress


    Allgress enables enterprise risk, security, and compliance professionals the ability to efficiently manage their risk posture. By utilizing advanced visualization, automation, streamlined workflows, and the integration of existing data feeds, Allgress reduces the complexity and cost of risk management. Unlike other risk management solutions, Allgress customers derive value in days rather than months

  • Archer


    Archer empowers organizations to manage multiple dimensions of risk on one platform with on-premises and SaaS offerings, and quickly implement industry-standard processes and best practices for advanced risk management maturity, informed decision-making and enhanced business performance. Archer has been recognized as a Leader in the most recent Gartner Magic Quadrant reports for IT risk management, IT vendor risk management tools and business continuity management program solutions, worldwide

  • CyberSaint Security

    CyberSaint Security

    CyberSaint's mission is to empower today's organizations to build a cybersecurity program that is as clear, actionable, and measurable as any other business function. CyberSaint's solutions empower teams, CISOs, and Boards to measure, mitigate, and communicate risk with agility and alignment

  • MetricStream


    MetricStream is the global SaaS leader of Integrated Risk Management and GRC solutions that empower organizations to thrive on risk by accelerating growth via risk-aware decisions. The company connect governance, risk management and compliance across the extended enterprise. Its ConnectedGRC and three product lines – BusinessGRC, CyberGRC, and ESGRC – are based on a single, scalable platform that supports you wherever you are on your GRC journey

  • Sharpe Consulting

    Sharpe Consulting

    Sharpe Consulting is a management consulting and system integration firm with an information technology (IT) specialty. Unlike most in this space, The company have been doing what is now called cyber security and critical infrastructure protection, long before those terms appeared and long before the discipline became mainstream. They are known for their ability to align the business and cyber to achieve Value Creation While Mitigating Cyber Risk